Meet Abder !

Meet Abder !

In short

Key numbers of the last 2 years
+ 1 %

New seesions


Leads generated

Email triggered



VP Marketing




- Creating and managing B2B lead generation strategies (Inbound/Outbound marketing)

- User onboarding

- Managing product marketing data to improve lead conversion

- Manage overall Digital Marketing efforts (Email campaigns, Advertising)

- Product Marketing: Generating insights from data to serve a better UX

- 3rd party integrations management: Developping current Zapier App and managing partnerships with other integrators

- Building automations for Sales & Marketing teams

- Managing private & public beta cycles


- Helping small and medium enterprises find what marketing strategies fits the best their needs and their budget

- Websites deployment 

- Social Media management

External Communication - Student





- Helping to manage the digital launch of the campaign: "Prenons Soins de Nous"

- Setting up gamification tools for live events (Software used: Qualifio)

- Helping with the development and bug fixing of the website

- Designing and launching the first newsletter campaign

External Communication - Intern





- Maintaining the digital presence of the campaign: "Dites-moi bonjour"

- Analysis and reporting of the different owned media (website, social networks)


General skills

A matter of basic principles
  • 5 years worth of theory
  • B2B lead generation
  • User Onboarding (For leads and customers)
  • B2C as a big point of interest
  • Digital Marketing specialist


Acheivements that I'm proud of or looking to reach
  • Helped to create the integration with Zapier
  • Helped and designed a self service Free Trial signup and self servce billing trought Stripe
  • Moved a product from a Sales Led strategy to a Product-Led strategy
  • Pushing each day for a better UX


Langues , اللغات
  • French
  • English
  • Arabic

Martech Stack


Master Degree : Corporate Communication and Marketing


Title of the thesis "Communicating eSport: Issues and impact on the entertainment industry

Bachelor Degree: Communication Science

Bachelor of Human and Social Sciences: Information and Communication Sciences 

Major: Journalism and Public Relations


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